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Chillventa Messestand 2019 | © Chillventa Messestand 2019
10 / 2022

Chillventa 2022

We are taking part in Chilventa 2022! The Chillventa is a big highlight for us every time. We look forward to presenting new products to you on site and to welcoming you personally at our stand.

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  • «This is the best electronic leak detector that I ever used! The quality and functions on the Tritector are far superior! I like the versatility of not having to rely on just batteries and also having the 3 in 1 element of it is great! Plus to mention the visual indication on the screen is very impressive.»
  • Fluehma Klima Portrait Mitarbeiter Foto | © Fluehma Klima Portrait Mitarbeiter Foto
    «What I appreciate about REFCO is the unique quality and the great reliability. Because the accommodating company REFCO is a Swiss company, I prefer them. My highlight product is the REFMATE 4.»
  • Emanuel Landolt Portrait Händler Kunden | © Emanuel Landolt Portrait Händler Kunden
    «I want to do high-quality work - for that I need reliable tools. REFCO has convinced me for years with customer-oriented solutions.»
    Emanuel Landolt, Landolt Kälte Klima GmbH
  • Pia Achermann Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits | © Pia Achermann Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits
    «Because of the diverse work and the great team I'll never get bored, even after working here for almost 19 years.»
    Pia Achermann, Administration / Purchase